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Originally intended as a second disc to the A23P album "Liber Eliphas" (Acid All Stars Recordings), "VVVVV" continues with where the final ambiance of the former album leaves off. A very different A23P work, rather than journeying down beat driven paths "VVVVV" explores ideas of where the tonal ends and the atonal begins, at what points human cognition of rhythm begin and fall, how sound affects mental states, among else. It is an album more concerned with the idea of self introspection and development as well as where music may be able to go opposed to where it has already been and what we already know of it.

Ambient, yet driving.
Noise like, yet filled with tonal beauty.
VVVVV is an album full of abstracts rather than concretes.
A work to explore and get lost in while finding self.

*This album was originally scheduled for release on January 31, 2016 during which time a live performance of the album was also to take place. Due to various circumstances, both the original release date and live performance of "VVVVV" were postponed. A special one time performance of "VVVVV" is currently scheduled to take place May 4, 2016 in Denver, Colorado at the Walnut Room's "Weird Wednesdays"
The Walnut Room
3131 Walnut St, Denver, Colorado 80205*


released February 9, 2016

All Tracks Written, Produced, & Engineered by Alien Nesby
All original Sound Design by Alien Nesby




A23P Denver, Colorado

Alien Nesby (aka A23P) a multi-instrumentalist & enthusiast of synthesis sound design, issues out of the acid techno, house, and experimental scenes of 90s rave & industrial.

Alien currently leads Acid All Stars Recordings pulling together artist ranging from DJ Pierre, Cari Lekebusch, Dan Doormouse, & Komor Kommando while also working with various parties developing new musical technologies.
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